Style Quiz


Hi I'm Olivia and I would describe my style as down to Earth, humble, sometimes get up throw something on. I'm not much of a girly type; I'm more like a tomboy. So I prefer pants over dresses and skirts, but that's just me. I'm hoping to expand my style and try something new.

Hi. I'm Kayla and I would describe my style as casual because my wardrobe consists of mostly jeans, leggings, and graphic t-shirts. My style is laid-back and super random because the way I dress is dependent on my mood, I'm not an expert in fashion so I don't have a specific brand.

Hello, my name is Breanna and I'm 13 making this fashion website I am gonna tell you about my style. My style is colorful and something that matches with what I have on because with the clothes I like to show my personality with the clothes I'm wearing which is not sticking out the crowd basically just chilling and comfort because when I'm doing something or nothing I wanna feel ok with my body.